Located in the Hyattsville Arts District, Creative Saints Loft is an intimate, modern event space that allows your creativity to run unchecked. Creative Saints Loft has 5 event spaces that you are able to rent individually or all together totaling over 4500 sq ft! The space is ideal for pop up shops, birthday parties, photoshoots, workshops, celebrations, book signings, EP releases, and more! We invite you to bring your creativity to our white open space or our mural walls and bright decor. 


The Gallery

The Gallery offers 2200 sq ft of open white space. With light rustic floors, white walls, exposed ceilings, and exposed duct work your creativity can flow! Think Industrial Chic. This space can accommodate 75 sitting and 125 standing. Renting preferred tables and chairs are optional as this space comes with 75 white folding chairs and 8 5-ft round tables! Keep in mind that about 500 sq. ft. of this space is open to the top mezzanine level (double the ceiling height)! This space is wired on SONOS sound system and has a 4 hour minimum rental.

coral color chair

The Loft

The Loft is our most rented space. It is 650 sq ft of space ideal for a gathering of up to 25 people (for a gathering up to 40 people "The Den" is added on). This space comes with 30 coral color chairs and (6) 6 ft fold up tables. With one of our largest murals and already colorful decor, minimum is needed to make this space yours. It comes equip with a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave and 65 inch television. This space also has colorful cabinetry, chairs, and side tables for your use. Two large windows allows for maximum natural light in the space. Table cloths or linens are NOT provided. Please note this space is not wheelchair accessible as it is on the second floor. This space is wired on SONOS sound system and has a 4 hour minimum rental.


The Den

The Den is our 400 sq ft. fully furnished lounge area. It is able to be an add on to any of our other spaces. It has seating for 10 in a variety of seating options including a couch, lounge chairs, stools, and a bright green chair and table set. With 3 mural walls the photography opportunities are endless. The DEN is wired on SONOS sound system.


The Courtyard

The Courtyard is an entire vibe with seating for 20. With 850 square feet and its bright colors, deck, turf, and greenery wall, we are sure you will love the space. You are able to rent this space with the den or as an add-on to any of our other spaces. This place also lights up at night with overhead rope lighting and our neon sign that reads, "Say yes to new Adventures". The Courtyard is also wired on SONOS sound system and has a 4 hour minimum rental with the den or 2 hour minimum rental as an add-on with our other spaces.

The Studio

The studio is 400 square feet space filled with character. The room has 1 window that beams natural light along with white walls and floors. Backdrops are available as an add-on in several colors including black, white, yellow, pink, and blue. The studio has a table for 3 and a couch for comfort while shooting.  A mini refrigerator, record player, and bluetooth speaker are also present in the room for your use along with a clothes rack and steamer. It should be noted that no food is allowed in this space and maximum capacity is 7 guests. This space is on the second floor and has a 2 hour minimum rental.